Monday, November 30, 2009

Audi A8 - Sneak Peek


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Facebook - Star Wars

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It doesnt hurt that my friends are good lookin and stylish

Corned Beef

So I wanted to make this corned beef ghetto goodness for dinner tonight, but you see that lil "key" right there? That sunnuvabatch decided to break off halfway while I was tryin to open the can! Aint that about a bee-eye! I got all the potatoes, onions, garlic all cookin away in the pan with this retarded can straight useless. So I go on FB and let the buds know my mishap, in which many provided ideas on how to open:
1) youre fucked
2) damn
3) lmfao
4) use an ice pick (an ice pick??? I'm not a murderer...only they carry those!)
5) use a can opener (this would sound about right, too bad my can is shaped like a trapezoid!)
6) use scissors
7) use a knife
8) open it with my teeth (yeah, so i'll look like Freddy Kreuger came to visit my mouth)
9) shoot it (would be fun, but no dinner after)
10) use my kung fu grip

Here you see the mayhem by way of scissors. What a "massacre" someone called it. Im sure there's shards of metal in my stomach right now. If I dont show up to work, find me in ICU.

Word to these titanium blades. Bad ass.

Give Thanks

This is my mini post Thanksgiving blog. As most of us already know, Thanksgiving has a deep history of evil truth. To hell with Colombus "discovering" Amerikkka. Anyhow, I'm just happy we all get a day off to spend with fam and friends. My family seems to be getting smaller and smaller each year, deaths, cousins movin to other states (ATL), other countries (UK - London), etc. So this year, me mum and aunt headed out for some good ole Chinese food. Afterwards, headed to my friend's mom's spot for some traditional turkey and the fixins. Oh and a batch of crab brains w/rice. That's some truly odd comfort food right there. Some of ya'll aint knowin. Afterwards, we joined in a game of bones. My first time, Pretty fun.
Was one of my chiller Thanksgivings, but nonetheless was with good folks.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lego New Era by JC De Castelbajac

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Modern Faucet

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Fallen Series by Toby Burrows

Heel-less Mary Janes by Natacha Marro

For the birds.
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Too Fly "Freestyle Eco-Block" Rings

For the birds.
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Nike Delta Force Hi AC

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Original Fake Christmas Collection

Looks like OF is steppin up it's design game. Good job guys. One of these will be on my Christmas wishlist.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Numb Nut

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My sneaker collection

Some are still at ma-duke's crib.

Monday, November 23, 2009