Monday, November 30, 2009

Give Thanks

This is my mini post Thanksgiving blog. As most of us already know, Thanksgiving has a deep history of evil truth. To hell with Colombus "discovering" Amerikkka. Anyhow, I'm just happy we all get a day off to spend with fam and friends. My family seems to be getting smaller and smaller each year, deaths, cousins movin to other states (ATL), other countries (UK - London), etc. So this year, me mum and aunt headed out for some good ole Chinese food. Afterwards, headed to my friend's mom's spot for some traditional turkey and the fixins. Oh and a batch of crab brains w/rice. That's some truly odd comfort food right there. Some of ya'll aint knowin. Afterwards, we joined in a game of bones. My first time, Pretty fun.
Was one of my chiller Thanksgivings, but nonetheless was with good folks.

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  1. We skipped Thanksgiving :( how year when I have a place again, it's on!