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Air Max 1 Sculpture by Benedict Radcliffe

Black Scale x Us Versus Them

Air Jordan XI - Re-release

Til this day, a hyped Jordan release still causes chaos! These are pictures from last night as Air Jordan fans (typically the younger kids these days) rejoyce for the much anticipated re-release of the AJXI, aptly dubbed "Spacejams." The big hype on these is they came out 9yrs ago. But in true Jordan release day fashion, the knuckleheaded clowns had to ruin it for other customers and businesses as you can see from the pictures.
For the love of sneakers.

Vans Vault 2010 Spring Switchback LX

Karate Kid Trailer - feat. Jaden Smith & Jackie Chan


Twilight: Eclipse

Team Beetlejuice

There's a resemblance to the Viper Wolf in the post below.

Movie Review: Avatar

(((( - 4 moon rating

A 3hr-ish movie, good story, but A-MAZING visuals. I wasnt able to catch the IMAX version, but the standard 3D was already mind blowing.


Snapped this on the way to Wurstkuche.

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Food Review: Wurstkuche

(((( - 4 moon rating
For those of you who still havent been, this here is Wurstkuche (pronounced worst-coochie). It's located in the heart of the art district in DTLA. As you can see from the storefront, it's very low key and minimalistic....all bricks, and few windows. These are the semi-secret joints that are usually known to locals only. On to the food: it's a casual place that serves gourmet sausages, Belgian fries and all types of imported beer. Though the sausages arent exactly stomach fillers, they're mighty tasty. I dont know what makes the fries "Belgian," but theyre damn good and you also get a selection of dips to try. Favorites of many are the exotic sausages (which I havent yet brought myself the courage to try) such as rabbit, rattlesnake, buffalo, alligator. Crazy....I'll need to pound a few beers first before reptile hits my chops.
Note: will always usually be a line and its common to share the bench seating w/other patrons.

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Philco PC

Retro revamped

Chubby Noodle

Black Scale x Fitted Hawaii

Fitted Hawaii Culture - T and Hat

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