Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Food Review: Wurstkuche

(((( - 4 moon rating
For those of you who still havent been, this here is Wurstkuche (pronounced worst-coochie). It's located in the heart of the art district in DTLA. As you can see from the storefront, it's very low key and minimalistic....all bricks, and few windows. These are the semi-secret joints that are usually known to locals only. On to the food: it's a casual place that serves gourmet sausages, Belgian fries and all types of imported beer. Though the sausages arent exactly stomach fillers, they're mighty tasty. I dont know what makes the fries "Belgian," but theyre damn good and you also get a selection of dips to try. Favorites of many are the exotic sausages (which I havent yet brought myself the courage to try) such as rabbit, rattlesnake, buffalo, alligator. Crazy....I'll need to pound a few beers first before reptile hits my chops.
Note: will always usually be a line and its common to share the bench seating w/other patrons.

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