Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TUES x MEKS - Ironlak Crew (Australia)

Click on the photo to get the full view w/Meks.

Introducing SOL

I'm not sure how old she is, but at this age, she will become the best female writer in all the land.

A Home in Switzerland.

Too human. Robotgirl make's coffee.

Commercial Spaceport (Mexico)

Spaceport America is the first commercial spaceport in the world located at Mexico with hanger and terminal facility aiming to launch individual citizens into space for profit. This taxpayer-funded project worth around $200 million comprises a 10,000-foot runway to fly the airplane with the spacecraft that will break free into 62 miles of space before returning to the base. The flights are designed to last around two hours including 5 minutes of gravity free condition. Around 250 people are ready to pay $200,000 each for a trip during early next year.

The Cut Sofa by Domenico De Palo

I must have.

Hitler's Horton 2-29 Stealth Fighter

A recreation of Nazi technological advancement via blueprints recovered. It doesnt suprise me, since it's been said that Hitler had alien connections.

Claw Money Pop-Up Shop @ Fred Segal

For the chicks

Color Picker Pen by Jinsu Park

Korean designer Jinsu Park designed a concept pen that adopts the eyedropper tool of photoshop for real life. the color picker pen enables colors in the environment to be scanned and instantly used for drawing. the sensor detects the color and matches it to the color display. then the RGB cartridge located within the pen mixes the inks together to create the color that has been scanned.

Tools by Paul Martus

MJ interested in buying the Charlotte Bobcats

Che - feat. Benecio Del Toro (prod. by Steven Soderbergh)

Apparently, I am half a year late on this one. Available on DVD now.

Air Jordan VI re-retro

These will drop, but the question around town is.....is it "infrared" or "varsity red." To us sneaker geeks, it makes a huge difference. I really dont like the idea of Jordan Brand re-releasing all these originals.

Bread & Butter New Eras

Somethin different. I dig.

Airwalk 540

For those of us who grew up skatin in the mid to late 80's.
Release Date: Summer 09

Mighty Healthy - Summer New Eras

Sigg Jones

Sneaker inspired 3D animation by three French film students.

Skank Robbers - Trailer


Monday, June 29, 2009

Daybreakers - Trailer

June Bug

If you've been followin, you'll know that I have all sorts of species of insects that are always at my doorstep. Since I was a kid, I've always had a fascination and interest for all insects and animals. I dunno the scientific name of this dude, but they are nicknamed "June Bugs" since they always show up in the month of June. Harmless guys. You can hold em and they wont bite/sting. But they do emit a buzzing sound they create from their abdomen to "baccdafuccup." All bark, no bite.

Krush - AWR

Aloy & Vert - MSKA

Jumbo Hostel

This hostel is located in Sweden, with 25 rooms and more than 80 beds.

Lightning Clock

Custer and Musahi Bags

Fish Island

This is a real picture.....people really live on top of that island/fish.

Photo by Jeffrey Scales 1978

Random IM's I get from friends...

Dig___ (4:30:33 PM): dude im all over gi joe due
Dig___(4:30:40 PM): its the shit
Dig___ (4:30:51 PM): i think im going dressed as snake eyes for the movie premier
_____MOON (4:31:06 PM): no u arent
Dig___ (4:31:19 PM): i think i will
Dig___ (4:31:27 PM): you dress as storm shadow
Dig___ (4:31:43 PM): and we stage war in the lobby of amc

Black Scale

Iron Man Figure - Silly Thing x Marvel

Bar Dynamite (SD)

We ran into some of our L.A. friends in SD...

J Heart Selectress

DJ Roza