Sunday, May 31, 2009

Things I do not do (Part 1):

  • Twitter (Though I do have an account. If I want to know what you are doing, I'll call you, I'll email you, I'll aim you, I'll text you, I'll myspace/facebook you. It's totally unneccessary for me to use yet ANOTHER medium for this.)
  • V-Neck Tees
  • Slim jeans


I understand that beer is made from yeast and all....


Wow. This dude got skeeelz. Tattooing has come a long way since the days of sparrows, nautical stars, pin-up girls, etc.

^ Acorns in his butt.

Dancing Fail. Singing Fail.

This one may go down in history...

Black Scale Pop-Up Shop

After years of hard work, my man Mega and crew unveil the BLVCK SCVLE pop-up shop in San Francisco today. A line that is not only image based, but leaves thought to be provoked by way of political and conspiracy style messages. One of my favorite lines out right now.

Invisible Stripes
Black Scale Pop-Up Shop
1800 San Jose Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94112

Food Review: Raffi's Place

(this means it's a 4 moon rating)

I'm a big fan of food if y'all aint know. This spot called Raffi's Place in Glendale (on Broadway, a couple blocks East of "The Gal") is a must try for you Meditteranean steez lovers. All fresh ingredients and hot off the grill. Indoor and outdoor seating, casual, $15 average, small menu selection, wine, beer, well drinks, decent service, all meals come with a basket of pita (w/butter, onions, beets, cilantro and some type of leaves). Beware of the Yogurt Soda drink. I saw a lot of people drinking it. I thought it'd be a lil sweet and sour. It was sour, like hot feet. My second time there, will be heading back again most def!

Nike Premium Blazer SB

My newest pick up. All suede, Zoom insole, extra set of white laces. I was never a fan of Blazers in my younger years, but I've grown to like the simplicity of this shoe and it's versatility. Rockable with jeans or shorts!

Of course I had to wear 'em the first day copped. No, we did not call each other. No, we're not from any Piru set. If any B or C is reading this, we love you all. Sorry, I had to add that disclaimer before I get "offed" in my driveway.

Car Face

Inanimate objects are not always......inanimate (I like this word btw).

Star Wars - Street Edition

Royal Emperor Guards on a city rooftop. One of my favorite images.